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Podcast Host

Forrest Inslee

Forrest started Earthkeepers, the Circlewood podcast in 2020 as a way to learn from people who are actively pursuing an ecologically-grounded faith, and to share these lessons with people around the world who love God and seek to care for the Earth. Forrest brings to the podcast a deep attachment to the wild spaces and climate of the Pacific Northwest, where he was born and raised; he also brings a keen interest in ways that environmental justice intersects with economic development, social justice, and community building. 

Recent Podcasts

Episode 96
Coffee for the Common Good

n this episode, Forrest talks with TJ Fittis, owner of Camano Island Coffee Roasters. CICR is a social enterprise business that exists not just for financial profit, but also for social benefits that make the world a better place. Camano Island Coffee Roasters supports ethical farming practices, fair pricing and wages, and most importantly, the production of great tasting, all-organic coffee.

Episode 95
Launching Season Five

We’re glad to have you back with us as we launch Season Five of the podcast in this new year. As is our usual custom this time of year, our Executive Producer, James Amadon, and Forrest will be reflecting a bit on season four, and looking ahead to some exciting new directions for season five.

Episode 94
Greening the Holidays

This special episode encourages ways we can reimagine our holiday practices. Forrest is in conversation with Abby Fehrsen of Capetown, South Africa talking about how she and her family have creatively adapted their celebration practices to become greener. Then, toward the end of this episode, we’ll hear some holiday greetings from a number of Earthkeepers all around the world. 

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