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About Earthkeepers

The Earthkeepers Podcast promotes global connection among ecological-minded people who believe that earth care is an integral part of spiritual life. Through conversations about topics like ecology, climate change, gardening, farming, social enterprise, theology, environmental justice, outdoor recreation, conservation and community development, we aim to inspire a movement of ordinary earthkeepers who will help heal the world. 

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Our staff

Forrest Inslee, Earthkeepers Host

Forrest started Earthkeepers in 2020 as a way to learn from people who are actively pursuing an ecologically-grounded faith, and to share these lessons with people around the world who love God and seek to care for the Earth. Forrest brings to the podcast a deep attachment to the wild spaces and climate of the Pacific Northwest, where he was born and raised; he also brings a keen interest in ways that environmental justice intersects with economic development, social justice, and community building. He is also the Associate Director of Circlewood, Earthkeepers' parent organization.

James Amadon, Executive Producer

James was raised in the Great North Woods of New Hampshire, but has called the Pacific Northwest home since 2007. His desire to integrate faith and ecology led him to Circlewood, and he brings strong leadership skills and a collaborative spirit in guiding our vision and mission. He is also the Executive Director of Circlewood, Earthkeepers' parent organization.

Jessalyn Gentry, Social Media Director

Jessalyn is excited to help grow Earthkeepers' online community. She has a degree in sustainable agriculture, experience in social media and communications, and a passion for creation care and environmental education. Jessalyn grew up in New Jersey, but has called the West Coast home since 2016. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, backpacking, and exploring the outdoors. She is also the Marketing and Communications Director for Circlewood, Earthkeepers' parent organization.

Dave Ulfers, Production

Dave's upbringing in the Pacific Northwest instilled in him a deep love for outdoor activities such as backpacking, climbing, skiing, cycling, and kayaking. He also enjoys spending time with his family boating on the Salish Sea. In addition to his active lifestyle, Dave is a co-owner of a production company that creates video and audio commercials, as well as other media content for clients near and far.

Colleen Megerle, Editor and Research Assistant

Colleen graduated from the University of Michigan with an environmental science degree in 2023 and is excited to be helping out with the Earthkeepers podcast!  She grew up in New Jersey and has always had a passion for the Earth and its creatures, exploring nature, and staying active with running, hiking, and camping.  Colleen also enjoys design and has created a few graphics for Earthkeepers’ parent organization, Circlewood.  In the future, she hopes to work full time in conservation or a similar field. 

Earthkeepers' parent organization, Circlewood, is a community of people committed to cultivating a more ecologically-conscious faith. Circlewood is based in the Salish Sea region of Cascadia (the Pacific Northwest), but is part of a global movement. Circlewood is rooted in the broad Christian tradition, but partner with all who seek to live in more harmony with each other and the earth. Learn more at their website:
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