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Forrest Inslee

Forrest started Earthkeepers, the Circlewood podcast in 2020 as a way to learn from people who are actively pursuing an ecologically-grounded faith, and to share these lessons with people around the world who love God and seek to care for the Earth. Forrest brings to the podcast a deep attachment to the wild spaces and climate of the Pacific Northwest, where he was born and raised; he also brings a keen interest in ways that environmental justice intersects with economic development, social justice, and community building. 

Recent Podcasts

Episode 88
Building Green

As you might know, the Earthkeepers podcast is part of a larger organization called Circlewood—and Circlewood has a dream to establish an inspirational, educational eco-village in a place called Camano Island in Washington State. In the podcast conversation today, Circlewood’s director James Amadon and Forrest are joined by David Vandervort, the architect who has held the vision and designed the built spaces that will make up Circlewood Village. Among other things, they talk about green architecture, about listening to the land, and about building in harmony with the nature of place.

Episode 87
Food Connects

Changing the climate future of our planet can only happen when we all work together and learn from each other--and that’s why this podcast includes diverse perspectives from around the world. To that end, our guest host in this episode will be Abigail Fehrsen in South Africa. You might remember Abby from episode 57, when she and her friend Liesl told the story of the community food cooperative they founded. In THIS episode Abby will be talking to Kehinde Micheal Osatuyi about the Muizenberg Community Kitchen—an inspiring and groundbreaking social enterprise that offers nutritious, affordable, plant-based meals to the community—but also gives special attention to the needs of the poor and vulnerable, and to promoting ecological awareness and environmental justice in all they do.

Episode 86
Better Ways to Build

In this episode, Forrest talks with Jesse Nathanson and James Sledge—two young changemakers who are passionate about teaching better ways to build. They tell us about their global initiative called Nomadic Earth Architecture—an organization that is all about inspiring people to build their own sustainable, non-toxic buildings out of cheap, easy to find natural materials.

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