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Podcast Host

Forrest Inslee

Forrest started Earthkeepers, the Circlewood podcast in 2020 as a way to learn from people who are actively pursuing an ecologically-grounded faith, and to share these lessons with people around the world who love God and seek to care for the Earth. Forrest brings to the podcast a deep attachment to the wild spaces and climate of the Pacific Northwest, where he was born and raised; he also brings a keen interest in ways that environmental justice intersects with economic development, social justice, and community building. 

Recent Podcasts

Episode 105
Life After Doom

In this cohosted episode, Forrest Inslee and Christine Sine talk to Brian McLaren about this new book, Life After Doom: Wisdom and Courage for a World Falling Apart, and about its profound implications for how we live and love in the face of the profound environmental and social changes facing our planet.

Episode 104
Earth and Soul

In Leah Rampy's new book, Earth and Soul: Reconnecting Amid Climate Chaos, she explores what lies beneath our unwillingness to change how we interact with the natural world, but also what we can do to nurture deeper connections to our places. 

Episode 103
Growing Little Earthkeepers

The innovative, environmentally-focused preschool that Shauna Causey founded also helps her friends, neighbors, and the entire community. We hear Shauna's story through her interview with James and Forrest on-site at the South Whidbey Preschool.

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